How I made my first money online?

I started selling products on Ebay

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  1.  First step before you selling online make sure there is lot’s of people who want it so you have a market demand  case you don’t know what Market demand it means there is a group of people who will buy what you sell
  2. Second  Step  Workout if you can sell it at price so you make enough profit and is attractive for people to buy of you
  3. You need some postage stuff for doing it such envelops,weighting scales if you are selling more expensive stuff or doing fast deliveries
  4. Know how long it takes for a delivery to come in
  5. You need to be on your emails often so you can reply to customers when they have questions or concerns about what you sell
  6. Be able to manage your stock levels so you don’t run out you can do this many ways simple order once a month to cope with it or sell whenever you need it but whatever you decide to do always monitor your stock levels
  7. Be ready for problems happening anytime

If you know a product really popular in your country or where you want to sell it you can use this a product to sell here is some examples of popular products

  • Nutella
  • Hersheys
  • Oreos
  • Super Mario
  • Sonic
  • Spiderman

if you don’t know any popular products just go into a shop in your  town or city and find out the product which sells out the most then supply this if you can make enough profit from it

You can get envelops or scales most places quite cheap depending on how much you are selling a month you could get wholesale price for envelops but when you first start get the cheapest you can find online

You found a today but you can’t sell it cheap enough to compete with competition you have few option keep looking for a  cheaper supplier or say your customers it’s actually worth it people will pay any amount of money if they believe it’s good enough you can do this  with good quality blogs and videos and photos but remember you need to prove it’s value such as tell people what all it can do such as move fast.

If you have never used a service before for postage you need to checkout how fast it will get to people or people will complaint all the time about slow rates and slap you with 1 star on your Ebay account which can easy make you loss money fast


You may think people only email me about complaints right wrong they will email you about many different things some things just to waste your time in a lot of cases since many Ebay customers can be very rude and a bit stupid in  a way but  if you want to sell here you need to have INTERNET access all the time .

How stock do we need this always depends on how popular what you sells will be on Ebay market your sales will go up and down all the time you might have week you make over £500 next week it’s Sunday no orders at all it always depends but you should aim to have always the maximum stock you will probably sell a week with you all the time so now delays happen for delivery to the customers unless your supplier can delivery it within 1 to 2 days if not you need to plan around this to make things work out well for you .


Some guy claimed his ordered was not sent to him so I spend a lot of time emailing him over this it did come just a wee bit late but the person caused me a giant amount of problems over it all and rated me 4 star but I give him a discount and even sent him a free and even  the guy started stocking me so that was the reason I throw my Ebay selling idea away since I could not be bothered with all the crap I got off people for no reason except the other people not decent.


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