Job Opportunities

The government of Sharjah has planned to set up a new industrial area in Al Saja. The new industrial area will enable the smaller medium companies to set up their businesses. Harmonizing to the Sharjah Assest Management, development projects are generating thousands of jobs opportunities in all categories.

” We are wasting DH385 million in development projects and it will create jobs opportunities from all sectors such as structure, strive, Human resource acquisition, auditors and general power handling occupations ,” answered Gregg Downer, Chief Real Estate Officer, Sharjah Asset Management.

The government of Sharjah currently focusing to support small medium enterprises and in the industrial area, the authority will provide cold storage and store equipment as well. About 58% industrial patches are sold out and the construction of the sites has started. Darwish Engineering Emirates was apportioned contract to build the infrastructure of the website and by the end of this year, the engineering firm will hand over the project to the Sharjah government.

According to Gregg, the new industrial area are generating jobs opportunities in thousands and the government wants to make it fully operational following the completion of 2016. When asked about which category of job will be on top requisition, the chief officer said that initially there will be big requisition of operators, guard, loaders, website technologist and planner and around 2000 to 2500 occupations to be created for auditors and power managers.


The Mumbai Indians ( abbreviated as MI ) are a dealership Cricket Team representing the city of Mumbai, Maharashtra in the Indian premier tournament( IPL ). The dealership is owned by India’s biggest conglomerate, Reliance manufactures, through its 100% affiliate IndiaWin Sports. The primary home ground of the Mumbai Indians is the Wankhede

The Mumbai Indians are one of the most successful crews in the IPL. They won the 2011 Champions league champions league twent2 0 after thumping Royal Challengers BangaloStadium. http://www.vivoipl2017.cricketr by 31 flows in the final. The unit won its first IPL title, in 2013, by demolishing Chennai Super Kings by 23 flows in the final, and then overcame the Rajasthan Royals by 33 flows to prevail the work of its second champions league Twenty2 0 deed afterwards that year. They won their second IPL title on 24 May 2015 by demolishing the Chennai Super Kings by 41 flows in thefinal and became the third team to earn more than one IPL title.

The Mumbai Indians are currently captained by Rohit Sharma. Mahela Jayawarde has been appointed as the new president manager of Mumbai Indians for the 2017 season. Sharma is the leading run scorer of the team while Lasith Malinga is the leading wicket-taker.

invest in private companies


We all sometimes want to invest in a private business but how can we actually know this is a smart idea many people ?

Follow along with my steps

  1. Find out history about the company you want to invest in
  2. What are the business strengths?
  3. What the business weakness?
  4. How long has  the business being going from?
  5. How good is the current Chairperson and directors?
  6. Are the sales going up or down now?
  7. IS the services of the business in decline ,growing,maxed out now
  8. How often do the stock prices change of  this business ?
  9. What makes this business special?
  10. How much can you actually investment?
  11. Can you afford it if you loss the money?

Building up a close relationship  with the Management team and actual employees so you know what is really happening in the business all the time so if you hear for example the business is facing money problems  you get your shares sold at  a profit before you loss your whole  investment or if you hear of big sales improvement you keep youe shares on at a increased rate or sell a few to make bigger money though the increase in share value happens.

Do online research on your business often so you are always prepared for any changes in the businesses you can find out business news quite fast online or financial websites like this one or other ones as well and always keep a close eye on the shares since you don’t want to loss out big from it all so please go  right into finding out about the business all the time so you stay safe with your money and shares a like since I want you always doing well in business

P.S Any questions just ask and I will try and help you friend.


Gilmore Girls (season 4) Dvd Review

The first script from the Family Friendly Forum’s script development fund to finally make it to the small screen, Gilmore Girls has paid off enormously for its creators. The result of the unified efforts of that organization and the WB Network, the show has followed on the heels of other successful WB programs such as Dawson’s Creek, Felicity, and Smallville. Dismissed by critics initially, the show has rocketed up the Neilsen ratings nonetheless. Set in the small idyllic town of Stars Hollow, Connecticut, Gilmore Girls follows the lives of two central characters, Lorelai Gilmore and her daughter Rory, as they attempt to deal with the outside world and each other. With Rory being the product of a teenage pregnancy, Lorelai is determined to raise her daughter in such a way that she can avoid the mistakes of her mother’s past. Filled with drama, love, friendship, and eccentric characters, Gilmore Girls ranks as of the best original series of the decade…

The Gilmore Girls (Season 4) DVD features a number of touching episodes including the season premiere “Ballrooms and Biscotti” in which Lorelai and Rory return from their European vacation to experience a whirlwind of activity. Taylor gets upset when Rory declines the offer to be the Stars Hollow Ice Cream Queen, while Rory herself is in a panic after realizing she wrote the wrong date for freshman orientation on her calendar. Now, she must fit a week’s worth of preparation into two days, and Emily isn’t very happy about it… Other notable episodes from Season 4 include “The Nanny and the Professor” in which Rory becomes concerned when Paris’s new boyfriend turns out to be one of her college professors, and “Luke Can See Her Face” in which a self-help tape and a long talk with Jess help Luke to envision a path to the relationship he’s been seeking all along…

Below is a list of episodes included on the Gilmore Girls (Season 4) DVD:
Hobbit houses
Episode 66 (Ballrooms and Biscotti) Air Date: 09-23-2003
Episode 67 (The Lorelai’s First Day at Yale) Air Date: 09-30-2003
Episode 68 (The Hobbit, the Sofa, and Digger Stiles) Air Date: 10-07-2003
Episode 69 (Chicken or Beef?) Air Date: 10-14-2003
Episode 70 (The Fundamental Things Apply) Air Date: 10-21-2003
Episode 71 (An Affair to Remember) Air Date: 10-28-2003
Episode 72 (The Festival of Living Art) Air Date: 11-04-2003
Episode 73 (Die, Jerk) Air Date: 11-11-2003
Episode 74 (Ted Koppel’s Big Night Out) Air Date: 11-18-2003
Episode 75 (The Nanny and the Professor) Air Date: 01-20-2004
Episode 76 (In the Clamor and the Clangor) Air Date: 01-27-2004
Episode 77 (A Family Matter) Air Date: 02-03-2004
Episode 78 (Nag Hammadi is Where They Found the Gnostic Gospels) Air Date: 02-10-2004
Episode 79 (The Incredible Shrinking Lorelais) Air Date: 02-17-2004
Episode 80 (Scene in a Mall) Air Date: 02-24-2004
Episode 81 (The Reigning Lorelai) Air Date: 03-02-2004
Episode 82 (Girls in Bikinis, Boys Doin’ the Twist) Air Date: 04-13-2004
Episode 83 (Tick, Tick, Tick, Boom!) Air Date: 04-20-2004
Episode 84 (Afterboom) Air Date: 04-27-2004
Episode 85 (Luke Can See Her Face) Air Date: 05-04-2004
Episode 86 (Last Week Fights, This Week Tights) Air Date: 05-11-2004
Episode 87 (Raincoats and Recipes) Air Date: 05-18-2004

6 Easy Tips For Handling Acne

Are you seeking for acne treatment that really works? There is good news for you, whether you’re an adult or teenager suffering from acne, there is a solution for you. Here you can find 6 super easy and effective ways to handling acne.

First, you should try to treat your acne as naturally as possible. It is always a good idea to use natural treatment than human made chemicals. Because natural medicines don’t produce any negative side effects. Don’t you want to know that what you’re placing on your skin and in your body? Don’t you want to spend less money on treatment by using homemade products and foods?

Second, prevention is better than cure. Particularly in teenage you should take extra caution before its too late and your acne cause a big problem. It is important that you know what acne is and how to cure it, but more importantly, you should be ready for the ultimate reply. That’ll significantly develop your affirmative belief and your confidence.

Third, you should make clear in your mind that the treatment you use doesn’t produce any harmful side effects. You should take care that you don’t get any uncomfortable feel or get sick. If you are not sure that how your body will react to a particular treatment then you should think about alternative method to cure your acne.
Laser Treatment for Acne
Fourth, you have to realize that acne on your face is not your mistake. You should not bother for it. Instead, it is an uncomplicated problem that you can easily avoid with the right kind of positive approach. Do not over internalize the acne issue that you are facing with your skin. Don’t be anxious, you’re still sexy and your acne will get away soon.
best face wash for acne
Fifth, healthy diet and vitamins play very important part to cure your acne. But you should know the exact information about what type of foods and vitamins are useful to your skin. There are lot of acne creams and lotions available in the market. They are fine bit they work only on outside part of your skin. But acne should be cure from inside.

Sixth, when finding the appropriate acne treatment, you should have proper references about that treatment. Like before and after pictures and hundreds of testimonials of people who actually used that particular method. You should make sure that the particular method or product works for both men and women of all ages.
treatment for acne
Finally, here is a bonus tip for you. Did you know that you can considerably remove acne within a week? Lot of people successfully removes their acne in just 3 to 4 days. The only thing you need to know is the proper formula that works.

Attacking Anxiety And Depression Program

Today, anxiety and depression have become the part of our everyday life. The main reason behind this is pressure at home and work. Depression and anxiety disorders are not new to the society and have been battled by people over the generations. In order to get relief from such conditions, various techniques and treatments have been employed by the medical professionals.

To date, numerous programs are introduced for helping patients suffering from anxiety disorders. Lucina Basset’s attacking anxiety and depression program is one of them. This program consists of 16 sessions or steps, which are formulated with the purpose of addressing anxiety in different ways. The building block of each session in this program is laid upon the success of its previous session, which ultimately leads to overall improvement of the patient’s mental health.
The core of these 16 sessions lies in educating yourself and having a positive approach.
Learning about the causes and the factors that triggers depression is the first step of the program. Once you know the reason, then comes the session where 6 ways to end anxiety are dealt with.

The next step will teach you ‘how to talk to yourself’. ‘Address your expectations’ is the next session. This session will teach you how to move towards the right path. Diet and exercise also plays a very important role in treating depression and anxiety and thus it forms the next level.

The rest of the sessions include controlling emotions, building assertiveness, stopping the what-ifs, avoiding worries and feeling of guilt, dealing with obsessive thought patterns, discussion on alcohol and medications, having courage to change, tips on time management, avoiding stress before it results in anxiety and techniques of relaxation.

You will successfully fight anxiety disorders by going through these 16 sessions of attacking anxiety and depression program.

What A Person Needs To Get Started With Air Hockey

Air hockey is the game that was brought to the indoor world and is closely related to the similar form called ice hockey, however in reality it entirely separates from the similar game variant. Where can a person find a playing possibility? It is possible to play this indoor sport in game halls, pubs, school, colleges, at home, and at other places. Nobody needs a fortune or a lot of money to get started with this great free time opportunity. To start the first round someone will need a table, a puck, a paddle, and of course a second player.

Where can someone buy an air hockey table instantly? There are many options, and one of them is to seek for manufactures. Besides, you can inform yourself about stores in your area and start comparing prices. As in many other games, there are docents of manufactures offering high quality tables, pucks, additional tools and more.

Find something that suits well into your budget, and get a table that won´t cause you headache late at night. Carrom, Sportcraft, and Valley-Dynamo are by far the 3 most bought and also acknowledged manufactures in the air hockey niche. Playcraft is another provider who also managed to sell thousands of accessories so far.
How does a typical Carrom air hockey table look like, and what features does the manufacture bring with it? These tables are created for people who are living on a tight budget, and they are relatively simple compared to brands such as Sportcraft. It´s similar to cars where you can also find cheap models such as Toyata, and there are more expensive ones such as Porsche. If you are a beginner, just get started with this game, you might want to consider going with a Carrom.
What about Sportcraft? This manufacture is not only known for producing and bringing outstanding air hockey accessories to the marketplace, they also focus on other areas such as foosball and others. Here the quality of each product is in my opinion higher compared to Carrom, but these tables are more expensive. They are ideally for humans who don´t have problems with spending more money because their budget simple allows it or are already developed players and want to bring their air hockey skills to the next level. If that is the case Sportcraft is a great choice.
Air hockey tables are created for both 2 and 4 players. Consider your budget, room where the table will be placed, and also of course the purpose of the entire project. If all these 3 aspects are followed strictly, a foundation for a nice future free time and also challenge is set.